Academic User Policy


    Dear user, welcome to the Cell Imaging Core (CIC) at Turku Bioscience. This policy applies to instruments and services administered by CIC.

    The main purpose of the policy is to help us to help the community to get the most efficient use of our services. We therefore would like to remind users that CIC reserves the right to revoke user rights to instrument access if the user policy is not followed.

    Access & training

    All users are welcome to use the instruments and related services. The following procedures must be followed when you start to use CIC instruments:

    1. Make contact with CIC staff by email (, or or come and talk with us. We are happy to advise you on the feasibility of your study. The CIC staff is available on weekdays at 10-15. After initial contact, CIC staff will forward a PDF version of the instrument protocol. The user should read the instrument protocol before attending the training.

    2. The user must attend the initial training (cost 30€/h). Minimum training is one hour. CIC staff can decide whether the user needs additional training. Also, the user can request additional one-to-one training if their P.I. is in agreement. User training includes hands-on practical information about instrument handling. During the training, the user is expected to take note of important information given regarding safe and responsible use of CIC infrastructure.

    3. If CIC staff perceives that a user does not behave responsibly with the instruments, the matter will be discussed with the head of the unit. In such circumstances a decision can be made to enforce obligatory additional training at a time that is convenient for CIC staff, until the user shows adequate proficiency.


    1. Reservations must be made using Open IRIS ( or Asimov ( Cancellation can be made up to 12 hours before the scheduled time. If the cancellation is not done on time, the full cost of the reserved time will be charged to the lab.

    2. Making a reservation in someone else’s name, such as a colleague’s or a supervisor’s name, is not permitted. If you do not find your name on the reservation list, please contact CIC staff.

    3. Microscope reservations during peak time (9:00 – 17:00 Mon-Fri) must not be longer than 4 hours. Exceptions to this rule can be granted by the CIC staff upon request should a good justification be given.

    4. Users must always check the reservation book to determine whether someone is coming after them. Correspondingly they should leave on stand by (there is a sequential reservation) or switch off (there is no sequential reservation) the instruments as appropriate.

    5. It is forbidden to use the instruments without logging usage.

    6. Most of the CIC premises are biosafety level 1. Cell sorting is performed at biosafety level 2.


    1. All instruments have an hourly charge rate. The prices can be found on the CIC website under Prices. For some instruments, off-peak discounts are applied. P.I.s are informed about price changes in advance by email.

    2. Users are charged according to hours reserved, not hours used.

    3. In order to have a transparent and fair system, all users belonging to the same user group (academia or industry) are charged equally, irrespective of which research group, institution or company they belong to.

    4. In case of misuse of reservations or omission of instrument shut-down procedures (by the last user of the day), the user will be billed for all the hours that the instrument was left on. If this is over the weekend, the charges are very significant. In such instances, the P.I. responsible for the user in question will be informed of the problem and the reason for the large invoice.

    5. CIC charges for its staff to teach (e.g. workshops/lectures/demonstrations). Costs cover contact teaching and preparation time.

    6. CIC provides a full service package including consultation, data acquisition, data analysis and data visualization. Prices are calculated according to work hours.

    General instrument usage rules

    For the safety of users and maintenance of equipment, the following regulations must be followed in the instrument rooms:

    1. Do not eat or drink.

    2. Follow the instrument-specific protocols available beside the instruments.

    3. Keep the rooms, working spaces and equipment clean. Follow instrument-specific shutdown and cleaning procedures after use.

    3. It is forbidden to disassemble or physically attempt to modify any instruments. If a customized solution is needed, contact CIC staff.

    4. Never look directly into any beam of light.

    5. Always inform the CIC staff in case of any malfunction or abnormality. Also, if you have difficulty obtaining a good signal, please let us know. CIC staff will help you optimize the instrument configuration. If there is a hardware problem, we need to know about it so please inform us either directly or via email.

    Data storage and handling

    1. Please ask CIC about data storage options. However, it is the responsibility of the user to save and backup their data. Do not leave your data on the hard drive of the operating computer.

    Analysis services

    1. CIC offers consultation regarding image post-processing, analysis and visualization. This consultation is available for all users.

    2. Please contact the CIC staff before you acquire the data to learn about how we can help you with analysis.

    3. We offer training on FIJI (ImageJ), AutoQuant, Imaris, and in-house BioImageXD and Flowing Software.

    4. Specific high-end workstations are available for advanced or demanding analysis tasks. Users should contact CIC staff regarding their use.

    CIC shop

    CIC sells glassware, plasticware, and a limited number of microscopy and flow cytometry reagents. Contact CIC personnel about product details.

    Publications and acknowledgements

    We are delighted when you eventually publish your results. Please remember the following when you do:

    1. Users must acknowledge the Cell Imaging Core and Biocenter Finland in the acknowledgments section of the manuscript (Example: Imaging / Flow cytometry was performed at the Cell Imaging Core, Turku Bioscience, Turku, Finland). Biocenter Finland is acknowledged for the imaging/flow cytometry instrumentation.

    2. Please report the publication once in press here

    3. CIC staff can give support in writing the Materials and Methods section when CIC instruments are involved.