Flowing Software


    This is the offical web page of Flowing Software – a FREE flow cytometry data analysis software for Windows environment.

    Flowing Software reads standard flow cytometry format (FCS), both FCS2.0 and FCS3.0.

    Flowing Software has three goals:

    • To provide free, user friendly and effective analysis tool for the flow cytometry community
    • To develop new innovations and ideas for the analysis. Users’ feedback is extremely important. It also acts as development platform for new innovative ways to analyze flow cytometry data.
    • To save the world from the paper trash; no more “one-sample-per-paper” batch printing.

    Flowing Software is a project which combines high throughput data analysis with flowing usability. Easy-to-use visual interface ensures an effective data analysis with your personal computer!

    Watch the presentation video: download or YouTube

    For documentation and further instructions, please visit here.

    By downloading the software you accept the following:

    The software is free to use, in both not-for-profit and commercial settings.

    The software comes AS IS, with absolutely no warranty.

    The software is intended for research use only – use for diagnostic or clinical purposes is not recommended.

    Here you can find Flowing Software 2.5.1 (released 4.11.2013)

    Different versions of Flowing Software have been downloaded 177557 times

    Flowing Software has all regular analysis tools, such as dot plots, histograms, quadrants, statistics, overlay histograms etc. Its real strength is in high throughput data analysis; take control of your data run from 96 or 384 well plates.

    Despite the high number of advanced features, Flowing Software is very easy to use. Much attention has been paid to the usability engineering. You can set up your analysis graphically by creating boxes and combining them with connectors. No coding, no complicated interfaces!

    Why this software package?
    “…I need statistics, dot plot images as 96-well layout and overlay histograms. Oh, and the number of samples will be about 20000, so analysis should be performed automatically…”
    This request came from one of our department’s researchers. They were starting a big screening project, and naturally they wanted all possible data out from the samples. However, the problem was that our existing software packages didn’t provide sufficient tools for automating the analysis (or even the support for overlay histograms…)

    That’s why I started to think, what kind of software package could solve the challenges of the automation of the analysis, still remaining so easy to use, that even the medical doctor could use it! 😉

    Who is behind Flowing Software?
    Flowing Software is a research project of Cell Imaging and Cytometry, Turku Bioscience Centre. Turku Bioscience Centre is a joint department of University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

    Unfortunately the active development of Flowing Software has been stopped.

    Creator of Flowing Software Perttu Terho has many years of working experience as a flow cytometry specialist in Cell Imaging Core of the Turku Centre for Biotechnology. He has also research background in the field of immunology.

    Before creating Flowing Software, Perttu made Cyflogic basic data analysis tool and several custom-made tools for different purposes. He has also taught hundreds of researchers, from the basics of flow cytometry to highly advanced analysis.