Non-academic users€/h + VAT
    Basic training, consultation and contract preparation. 

    Where specialized expertise is needed, the price will be set on a case by case basis

    Academic users€/h (VAT 0%)
    Full service (service fee added to the instrument time)30
    InstrumentPrice €/h for academic users (VAT 0%)
    Widefield microscopes 
    Nikon Eclipse TI-E7      (19.00-08.00: 3€/h)
    Zeiss AxioVert 200M2
    EVOS fl cell culture microscope0
    Leica RXA (upright microscope)2
    Leica DM IRBE (inverted microscope)2
    Zeiss AxioZOOM.V16 stereo microscope3
    Confocal microscopes 
    Abberior STED15
    Zeiss LSM880 AiryScan20     (19.00-08.00: 10€/h)
    3i CSU-W1 spinning disk15     (19.00-08.00: 6€/h)
    Zeiss LSM510 JPK AFM9
    Leica TCS SP55
    Leica TCS SP5 multiphoton17
    Other microscopes 
    MSquared Aurora Airy Light Sheet15
    ONI Nanoimager0
    Deltavision OMX imaging system15    (19.00-08.00: 4€/h)
    Lambert FLIM8
    Zeiss TIRF microscope (with lasers)10    (19.00-08.00: 2,5€/h)
    Zeiss TIRF microscope (no lasers)5      (19.00-08.00: 2€/h)
    Zeiss P.A.L.M. laser-capture microdissection5
    Olympus BX602
    IncuCyte S3 high content system2
    Flow cytometers 
    BD LSR Fortessa “Jazz”22,06
    BD LSR Fortessa “Blues”22,06
    Sony SH800 cell sorter90
    Mass cytometers 
    Fluidigm Helios CyTOF84 (+30€/h operator fee)
    Fluidigm Hyperion imaging mass cytometer84 (+30€/h operator fee)
    Gel analysis and plate readers 
    BioRad ChemiDoc MP gel analyzer 10
    BioRad ChemiDoc MP gel analyzer 20
    BioTek Synergy H1 multi-mode reader0
    Azure Sapphire RGBNIR biomolecular imager0