Non-academic users€/h + VAT
    Basic training, consultation and contract preparation.

    Where specialized expertise is needed, the price will be set on a case by case basis

    Academic users€/h (VAT 0%)
    Full service (service fee added to the instrument time)30
    InstrumentPrice €/h for academic users (VAT 0%)
    Widefield microscopes
    Nikon Eclipse TI-E5 (19.00-08.00: 2€/h)
    Zeiss AxioVert 200M2
    EVOS fl cell culture microscope0
    Leica DMRE (upright microscope)2
    Leica RXA (upright microscope)2
    Leica DM IRBE (inverted microscope)2
    Zeiss SteREO Lumar.V12 stereo microscope2
    Zeiss AxioZOOM.V16 stereo microscope2
    Confocal microscopes
    Abberior STED17
    Zeiss LSM880 AiryScan20     (19.00-08.00: 4€/h)
    Zeiss LSM78015     (19.00-08.00: 3€/h)
    3i CSU-W1 spinning disk15     (19.00-08.00: 3€/h)
    Zeiss LSM510 JPK AFM17
    Leica TCS SP52
    Leica TCS SP5 multiphoton17
    Zeiss Axiovert 200M with Yokogawa CSU22 spinning disk confocal unit
    Other microscopes
    Deltavision OMX imaging system10    (19.00-08.00: 2,5€/h)
    Lambert FLIM8
    Zeiss TIRF microscope (with lasers)10    (19.00-08.00: 2,5€/h)
    Zeiss TIRF microscope (no lasers)5      (19.00-08.00: 2€/h)
    Zeiss P.A.L.M. laser-capture microdissection12
    Olympus BX602
    IncuCyte S3 high content system0
    Flow cytometers
    BD LSR Fortessa “Jazz”22,65
    BD LSR Fortessa “Blues”22,65
    BD LSR II19
    BD FACSAria IIu cell sorter (out of order)
    Sony SH800 cell sorter60
    Mass cytometers
    Helios CyTOF64
    Gel analysis and plate reader
    BioRad ChemiDoc MP gel analyzer 10
    BioRad ChemiDoc MP gel analyzer 20
    BioTek Synergy H1 multi-mode reader0
    Li-Cor Odyssey infrared imaging platform0