Electron Microscopy Services On-Campus

    At the Turku campus, three units provide electron microscopy services.

  • Laboratory of Electron Microscopy is located at the Medisiina C building.
  • Materials research infrastructure is located at the Quantum building at the University hill.
  • The Scanning Electron Microscope Laboratory is located at the Aurum building.

  • What is electron microscopy?
    Electron microscope uses a beam of electrons as a source of illumination. They use electron optics to control the electron beam, for instance focusing them to produce magnified images or electron diffraction patterns. As the wavelength of an electron can be up to 100,000 times smaller than that of visible light, electron microscopes have a much higher resolution of about 0.1 nm (Wikipedia)
    Our equipment and methods can be applied in various projects in medical and biological research as well as in materials sciences.

    Services of the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

    Institute of Biomedicine
    Contact Markus Peurla (tem [at] utu.fi)  

    This field-emission SEM can be used for high-resolution imaging and to obtain compositional and elemental information of the surface or near-surface region of different samples.

    SEM is useful for materials science and for industrial manufacturing and can be used to image materials ranging e.g. from nano- and microparticles, catalysts, and nanodevices to bulk magnetic samples and insulators such as polymers. SEM can also be used in biological sciences for imaging e.g. fixed cells or tissue blocks at high magnifications. Our FE-SEM has also broad analytical extensions, such as STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy) detector for TEM grid imaging, Cathodoluminescence detector (CLD) and EDS detector for elemental analysis.

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    Contact Ermei Mäkilä (emmaki [at] utu.fi)

    At the laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry there is a scanning electron microscope, a Leo 1530 Gemini, which has a Schottky Field Emitter. It’s a equipped with a Thermo Scientific UltraDry SDD EDS-system which makes it possible to do elemental analysis on samples.

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    Contact Linus Silvander (linus.silvander [at] abo.fi)