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    Image by: Arafat Siddiqui and Jouko Sandholm

    Image: HGSOC cell nucleus stained with antibodies against DNA damage response (DDR) proteins.

    Background: Cancer development induces changes in cellular DNA damage response (DDR). DNA-targeting chemotherapy aims to wipe out these transformed cells. The intention of this subproject is to visualize DDR protein expression in HGSOC subtypes with different DDR capabilities (e.g. HR-proficient vs. HR-deficient) using various chemotherapeutic treatment combinations. In the confocal microscopy image below, expression of 53BP1 (cyan) and DNA-PKc (magenta) is shown after DNA-intercalating mitoxantrone (a topoisomerase II inhibitor) treatment.

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    Technical information: Image was captured with the Zeiss LSM880 confocal microscope using the Airyscan module and a 63x/1.4 objective.

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