BD FACSDiscover S8

    BD FACSDiscover S8 - Cell Sorter with BD cell view Image technology

    BD CellView™ Image Technology is a novel high-speed cell imaging technology that empowers scientists to answer previously out of reach biological questions by amplifying the power of cell sorting and analysis through real-time integration of image and flow data.

    The instrument is equipped with five lasers with Spectral arrays. These arrays consist of 78 fluorescence APDdetectors paired with algorithmically optimized filter bandwidths covering the full spectrum:

    • UV 349-nm laser – 22 UV detectors, covering 365–860 nm
    • Violet 405-nm laser – 20 Violet detectors, covering 410–860 nm
    • Blue 488-nm laser – 16 Blue detectors, covering 495–860 nm
    • Y/G 561-nm laser – 12 Yellow-green detectors, covering 570–860 nm
    • Red 637-nm laser – 8 Red detectors, covering 645–860nm

    The Instrument is in a Biosafety cabinet enabling BSL 2 cell sorting.

    Sorting is possible into

    • Tubes: 5-mL microtubes, 2.0-mL tubes and 5.0-mL 12x75-mm tubes
    • Plates: 6-, 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well plates

    Link to technical specification of Discover S8:
    Reservation system: Discover
    Location: BioCity 5th floor, room 5026