BDSymphony A5 SE

    BDFACSSymphony A5 SE

    The new BD FACSymphony™ A5 SE Cell Analyzer is a fluorescence-activated, spectral-enabled cell analyzer. The Instrument is equipped with five lasers and 48 detectors for maximum coverage of the fluorochrome emission spectrum. This offers the researcher the flexibility of using spectral or conventional flow cytometry analysis thus also enabling simultaneous analysis of fluorochromes with similar spectral signatures.

    Laser configuration:

    1. UV Laser exciting at 355 nm wavelength
    2. Violet laser exciting at 405 nm wavelength
    3. Blue laser exciting at 488 nm wavelength
    4. Yellow Green laser exciting at 561 nm wavelength
    5. Red laser exciting at 637 nm wavelength

    The BD™ High Throughput sampler (HTS plate loader) is coupled to the instrument and allows fully automated run of samples from 96-well plates (flat, U or V- bottom plates).

    Like the Fortessas the Symphony uses the BD FACSDiva™ Software v9.6

    Symphony 5ASE configuration

    For more technical information follow the link:
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    Location: BioCity 5th floor, room 5160/5107