Getting Started

    1. Contact us

    To start and to have a project meeting, please contact us.

    • Microscopy services : microscopy [at]
    • Flow cytometry services : cytometry [at]
    • Mass cytometry services : cytometry [at]

    2. Access

    CIC instruments are reserved via Open IRIS. Group admins and users must have Open IRIS accounts. How to create an account?

    User has to be a member of a group in Open IRIS. If the group does not exist in Open IRIS, please go to Services and click Submit request in Add group request. In group, choose N/A. Fill the fields and submit the request.

    No individual users are given access to CIC resources. Instead, CIC has project request-based access. In Open IRIS, the group admin should go to Services. There, submit a ‘CIC project request for group leader’ for the relevant service (microscopy, flow cytometry or mass cytometry). Invoicing information has to be properly filled.

    CIC staff will process the request and grant access to the project.

    Instructions for group admins

    3. Training

    To have access to the instruments, training is necessary. Protocols and user guides will be given to you prior to training. When your project request is accepted, either

    a) if you do not know which instrument to use, go to Services and fill either flow cytometry or microscopy training request. Mention the requested instrument.

    b) when you know which instrument to choose, browse to the instrument and click the reservation timeline. Then, submit the training request.

    4. Making reservations

    In the Scheduler window, you will see the instruments you are allowed to reserve. Instructions for making reservations.

    5. User policy

    When you make your first reservation, the system requires you to read and accept CIC academic user policy. Please read it carefully before accepting.

    6. Publications and


    1. It is obligatory to acknowledge the Cell Imaging and Cytometry core AND Biocenter Finland in your publications. e.g. Imaging/Flow cytometry was performed at the Cell Imaging and Cytometry Core, Turku Bioscience Centre, Turku, Finland, with the support of Biocenter Finland.
    2. Once published, please report your publication.

    Please use the submission form to send us your publications.
    Thank you!

    7. Customer feedback

    All feedback is valuable, any time. Also, CIC sends regularly feedback questionnaires.