Abberior STED

    The Abberior STED/RESOLFT is a sophisticated, highly flexible open platform that can be modified, extended and upgraded at any given time. In its current configuration the system is equipped with three pulsed excitation lasers: 488nm, 561nm, 640nm and two STED lasers for depletion: 580nm (continuous), 775nm (pulsed).
    Typical resolution in X and Y axis is ~40nm and 150nm in Z axis using the Easy3D STED module. This module uses a programmable spatial light modulator (SLM) to create phase patterns required for 2D and 3D STED microscopy.
    With Easy3D and adaptive optics enables deep imaging with penetration up to 75 µm into cleared tissue using an 100x oil objective.
    Another key module currently available in our STED system is the super resolution live imaging mode using RESCue (Reduction of state Transition Cycles) STED. RESCue reduces the light dose to the samples without compromising resolution.

    Reservation System: Abberior STED

    Location: BioCity, 5th floor, BioPhysics room 5086
    20x Olympus Plan
    • Numerical Aperture: 0.4
    • Working Distance: 1.2 mm
    • Immersion: Without immersion

    60x Olympus UPLSAPO
    • Numerical Aperture: 1.2
    • Working Distance: 0.28 mm
    • Immersion: Water
    100x Olympus UPLSAPO
    • Numerical Aperture: 1.4
    • Working Distance: 0.13 mm
    • Immersion: Oil
    Excitation lasers
    • 488nm - pulsed
    • 561nm - pulsed
    • 640nm - pulsed
    Depletion lasers
    • 580nm - Continuous - depletion for 488nm
    • 775nm - Pulsed - depletion for 561nm & 640nm
    488nm Channel
    • Alexa 488
    • Abberior Star 512
    • Oregon Green 488
    561nm Channel
    • Alexa 594
    • Abberior Star 580
    640nm Channel
    • Abberior STAR 635
    • Abberior STAR 635p
    • Abberior STAR RED
    • AAlexa 647
    • SiR
    • GFP (525/25nm)
    • CY3 (615/10nm)
    • CY5 (685/35nm)
    • Photo Multiplier Tube
    • 2 Avalanche Photodiodes
    • Monochromatic CCD 1280x960 pixels
    • Abberior Imspector
    • Autofocus
    • Environment chamber
    • Temperature control