Leica TCS SP5 Multiphoton

    The Leica SP5 MP is a multiphoton microscope with a DM6000 CFS upright microscope. This microscope is specially useful for intravital deep tissue imaging due to the high tissue penetration depth (several hundred microns) and minimal phototoxicity/photobleaching. An integrated resonant scanner enables image acquisition at video rate (25 fps at 512 x 512 pixels).

    Reservation System: Leica TCS SP5 Multiphoton

    Location:Biocity, -1floor

    20x Leica HCX APO L
    • Numerical Aperture: 1.0
    • Working Distance: 1.95mm
    • Immersion:Water

    25x Leica HCX IR APO L
    • Numerical Aperture: 0.95
    • Working Distance: 2.5mm
    • Immersion:Water

    Coherent Chameleon Ultra II
    • Tuning range 690 – 1040 nm
    • Coherent Compact OPO extends Ultra II range to 1600nm
    Chameleon Vision II
    • Tuning range 690 – 1040 nm

    One main beam splitter is usable at a time.

    LP505nm Main Beam Splitter
    • SHG440 (440/20nm)
    • CFP (483/32nm)
    • YFP (535/20nm)
    • DsRed (585/40nm)
    LP560nm Main Beam Splitter
    • DAPI (457/50nm)
    • FITC (525/52nm)
    • TRITC (585/40nm)
    • Alexa 633 (650/50nm)
    • Photomulitiplier tubes
    Leica LAS