Zeiss LSM 510 JPK AFM

    The Zeiss LSM510 JPK AFM is a basic laser scanning confocal microscope set up with an unique features to integrate atomic force microscope (JPK Nanowizard I) to the imaging system. This allows simultaneous imaging with the optical microscope.
    AFM Scan range is 100 x 100 x 15 μm. BioCell for biological samples under physiological conditions. All standard imaging modes, and a CellHesion module that extends the Z range to 100 μm and enables cell adhesion measurements with a cell attached to the cantilever. The microscope is equipped with an incubation chamber for live cell experiments.

    Reservation System: Zeiss LSM 510 JPK AFM

    Location: BioCity, -1 floor
    The JPK Nanowizard I includes standard imaging modes available (below) along with CellHesion addon for quantification of cell/tissue mechanics.
    •     Contact Mode
    •     Intermittent Contact Mode
    •     Force Spectroscopy
    •     Force Mapping
    •     Force Modulation
    •     Manipulation