Zeiss SteREO Lumar.V12

    The Zeiss SteREO Lumar.V12 fluorescence stereo microscope is an instrument for low-magnification microscopy. Our 0.8x and 1.2x long working distance objectives allow a researcher to perform (for example) dissection using objective lenses permitting a maximal magnification of 120x. The versatility of the instrument permits imaging of entire mouse brain slices or single fluorescent cells, using the same objective.An Eppendorf InjectMan NI2 semi-automatic microinjection device has been installed beside the stereo microscope allowing, for example, injection into zebrafish embryos. Any material of low granularity and size can be microinjected. The most frequently injected materials are DNA, proteins, tracers, and chemicals with or without attached dyes.A manual Eppendorf CellTram Vario microinjector can be used with the motorized InjectMan NI2 holder. Cell Tram Vario is a good tool, when cell suspension are injected into tissues. Minimum volume that can be set: <20 nL/<2 nL (coarse/fine)Cameras: Zeiss AxioCam ICc3 (colour CCD camera), and Zeiss AvioCam Hrm (b/w CCD camera)

    Reservation System: Zeiss SteREO Lumar.V12

    Location: BioCity, 5th floor, room 5062

    0.8x NEOLumar S
    • Numerical Aperture:
    • Working Distance: 80mm
    • Magnification range: 6.4x-80x
    • Field of view range: 14-1mm

    1.2x APOLumar S
    • Numerical Aperture:
    • Working Distance: 47mm
    • Magnification range: 9.6x-120x
    • Field of view range: 9.5-1mm

    White light from below:
    • KL2500 LCD
    Fluorescence Excitation:
    • HBO 100 Mercury lamp
    • DAPI
    • CFP
    • Alexa 488/GFP
    • YFP
    • CY3/DsRed
    Monochromatic camera:
    • Zeiss AvioCam Hrm (b/w CCD camera)
    Colour camera
    • Zeiss AxioCam ICc3
    • Zen 2012