Getting started

    Project Request

    To start a project, please send us an email at and we will set up a meeting to discuss how to proceed. During this meeting, the experiments and sample preparation will be discussed and the cost and schedule will be estimated for your project.

    Sample Shipment

    If you need to send samples, please follow the instructions below.

    The samples should be sent well packed with enough dry ice using the courier of your choice. Usually it is safer to send samples in the beginning of the week, especially when shipping from abroad.

    Please inform us when you have shipped your samples so we know when to expect them. You may also send us your delivery tracking code if available.

    If you are located nearby, you can also bring your samples here directly. In this case, also please contact us first.

    Submit Your Publication

    Please send us an email when you publish an article that uses results obtained that the Turku Metabolomics Centre.

    By informing us about your publication where our services have been used you help ensuring that we will be able to provide high quality services with competitive prices also in the future. Thank you for submitting your publication!

    Please, kindly remember to acknowledge the use of our research infrastructure services in publications: “This study was supported The Turku Metabolomics Centre, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University”.