The Cancer Foundation Finland grants 2021

    We are proud to announce that The Cancer Foundation Finland – the largest private funder of cancer research in Finland – has awarded grants to several Group leaders and their research groups at Turku Bioscience. See the full list of recipients here Congratulations to all who received grants!

    The Cancer Foundation Finland is a charitable foundation. It has had an important influence in developing cancer research and cancer control in Finland. We are extremely grateful for the support.

    Grant recipients at our centre:

    • LT Jukka Westermarck, 300 000 €, CIP2A in the cross-roads of DNA damage response and nutrient-sensing in basal-like triple-negative breast cancer.
    • MD-PhD Otto Kauko, 50 000 €, Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma invasion.
    • Prof Lea Sistonen, 100 000 €, At the Gates of HPV Cancer Therapies – Targeting the Main Oncoproteins and Defense Systems of HPV-Driven Cancers.
    • Prof. Cecilia Sahlgren, 50 000 €, Notch counteracts replication stress to prevent cancer cell senescence.
    • Docent, PhD Guillaume Jacquemet, 50 000 €, Deciphering the mechanisms of pancreatic cancer metastasis – year 2 (PanMet).