Frontiers of Science autumn seminars starting on Thursday 28 September

    Frontiers of Science Seminar program is ready for autumn 2023. All seminars are on-site only at 12:00 in BioCity, Presidentti auditorium. Coffee and sandwich is served before each seminar.

    Frontiers of Science is a 25-year-old seminar series arranged by BioCity Turku, where BioCity Turku researchers invite world-leading scientists to give a talk and present their latest results from their field of research. The seminars are intended for both researchers and students and students can get ECTs from participation.

    – This autumn speaker listing is one again excellent, and it covers topics from cancer research and computer modeling to photosynthesis, says Professor Klaus Elenius, the Scientific Director of BioCity Turku.

    – We are also pleased to have recently nominated Academician of Science, professor Merja Penttilä, visiting in November to tell about her groundbreaking research of biosynthetic materials, Elenius continues.

    Academician Merja Penttilä will give her lecture on November 9 at 12:00 in BioCity, Presidentti auditorium.

    PhD researcher, have a face-to-face lunch with the speaker!

    BioCity Turku offers a great possibility for PhD researchers and early-career postdocs to create connections for future and to learn hosting skills in a friendly environment. After each seminar, the speaker will have lunch with maximum six PhD researchers or early-career The atmosphere during the lunch has been very casual and positive, even leading to informal invitations to join the speaker’s research group. This is an excellent opportunity for all PhD researchers to start building their own scientific networks.

    If you got interested, please send an email to

    Frontiers of Science seminars are on Thursdays at 12:00

    All seminars are on Thursdays at 12:00 in BioCity Presidentti Auditorium. There is no registration and coffee and sandwich are served at 11:45. If you are a student and wish to collect ECTs, please print the Seminar Diary and ask the coordinator to sign it after the seminar.

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    If you wish to receive email reminders about the Frontiers of Science seminars and other BioCity Turku events, please contact You can also follow us in Twitter @BioCityTurku.

    Original image acquired by Anna-Mari Haapanen-Saaristo: Part of anoxia study of Eutardigrade species Macrobiotus Ripperi labelled with commercial fluorescent dyes, image acquired on 3i CSU-W1 Spinning disk with 40x objective