Frontiers of Science: Prof. Francesc Villarroya

    November 2nd at 12:00
    On-site event
    Presidentti auditorium
    Autumn 2023 program

    Prof. Francesc Villarroya, University of Barcelona, Spain
    Advancing the knowledge on the secretory role of brown adipose tissue: new actors, new actions
    Host: Pia Rantakari (

    Coffee and sandwich at 11:45, first come first served!


    Six students and early-career postdocs are welcome to have a lunch in restaurant Mauno and discuss with Prof. Villarroya after the seminar. This is a great possibility to learn hosting skills in friendly environment and create connections for future. Every student is welcome to join, in spite of which research group they belong to. BioCity Turku will offer the lunch.

    If you got interested, please send an email to


    Our lab is specialized in the study of the molecular and cell biology of the control of mitochondrial energy metabolism and associated diseases. We study the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional control of the differentiation of specialized cell types with key roles in energy homeostasis as well as how metabolic and endocrine functions are regulated in cells/tissues. We use experimental models at a sub-cellular (mitochondria), cellular and animal model levels of analysis, complemented by studying samples from patients with metabolic diseases (obesity, lipodystrophy, T2DM). Our aim is to identify the main molecular actors that control energy metabolism in health and disease, and by this means to establish foreseeable prevention and treatment strategies to ameliorate metabolic diseases.


    Selected publications

    Adela Urisarri, Ismael González-García, Ánxela Estévez-Salguero, María P Pata, Edward Milbank, Noemi López, Natalia Mandiá, Carmen Grijota-Martinez, Carlos A Salgado, Rubén Nogueiras, Carlos Diéguez, Francesc Villarroya, … BMP8 and activated brown adipose tissue in human newborns. Nature Communications 12 (1), 5274

    J Villarroya, R Cereijo, A Gavaldà-Navarro, M Peyrou, M Giralt, Villarroya F. 2019. New insights into the secretory functions of brown adipose tissue. Journal of Endocrinology 243 (2), R19-R27

    Brown adipose tissue as a secretory organ. 2017. F Villarroya, R Cereijo, J Villarroya, M Giralt. Nature Reviews Endocrinology 13 (1), 26-35


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