May’s funding news

    Picture by  Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash.

    We are happy to announce the success of a number of research groups that received funding from the Academy of Finland Research project call and in their special call for COVID-19 research. See all funded research projects listed below.

    Academy of Finland Research Projects Funding

    • Oresic, Matej: Human exposure to per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances – role of the gut microbiome and bile acid metabolism in mediating impact – 500 941€
    • Westermarck, Jukka: Cancer therapy implications of species-specific difference in requirement of PP2A-mediated tumor suppression – 502 153 €
    • Sahlgren, Cecilia: Mechanisms of multilayer mechanosignaling in vascular homeostasis-SIGNALSHEETS – 499 144 €
    • Lahesmaa, Riitta: New regulators of human regulatory T cell differentiation and function – 547 331 €

    Academy of Finland funding decisions on special call for COVID-19 research

    • Lahesmaa, Riitta: The role of immune cell response in explaining individual differences in the course of COVID-19 infection – a key to combatting the COVID-19 epidemic and mitigating its consequences. – 200 00 €
    • Elo, Laura: Boosting personalized prediction of disease and treatment risks – 200 00 €
    • Coffey, Eleanor: Mitigating mental illness after effects of COVID-19 infection – 200 00 €
    • News article on University of Turku’s website [in Finnish only]


    Congratulations everyone!