The Finnish Euro-Bioimaging Node receives significant funding

    The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee at the Academy of Finland has granted the Finnish Euro-Bioimaging Advanced Light Microscopy Node with a total funding of € 2 660 000 for the period of 2020 – 2024. The Turku share of this funding is 980 000€. The acquired instrument funding will give the Finnish Euro-Bioimaging Node an excellent opportunity to strengthen its technology repertoire with absolute cutting-edge technologies. In turn, these instrument acquisitions together with the already existing selection of instruments will provide researchers with exceptional opportunities to unravel new biological functions and to develop applications to improve health and treat disease.

    The Finnish Euro-BioImaging Node include service centers in Helsinki, Oulu, and Turku all of which provide open access to imaging technologies to all national and international users from both academia and industry and offer a wide range of training activities and imaging bioinformatics services. Read about the Finnish Euro-BioImaging Node.

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