Turku Bioscience 30th Anniversary Symposium

    The Anniversary symposium of Turku Bioscience will be held Wednesday, October 2, 12-18. The overarching topic will be the role of research infrastructures in developing science (also the topic of the recent Turku Bioscience blog, which is promoted next to this posting) and how to build and maintain such centres of infrastructure power. There will also be short presentations providing glimpses of all the excitement involved in 30 years of science and discoveries. See the program below.

    This symposium is arranged primarily by invitation for current and previous researchers at the Centre as well as collaborators, customers, and partners. However, if you have not received an invitation and would like to participate, please send a message to Sirkku Grönroos sirkku.gronroos [at] bioscience.fi, and she will do her best to accommodate to your wishes.


    Final Program

    Wednesday October 2, 2019, klo 12.00–18.00, Mauno-auditorio, BioCity, Tykistökatu 6

    12:00 John E. Eriksson, Turku Bioscience: Introduction

    12.10 Moira v. Wright, Rector Åbo Akademi Univ.: High-end technologies support for advanced teaching and training

    12:20 Kalle-Antti Suominen, Vice-Rector, Univ. of Turku: Infrastructure visions and potentials at the Turku bioscience campus

    12.30 Christoffer Taxell, Minister of Education 1987-90: How to build a strong cluster of know-how, technologies, and research – A retrospective and prospective view

    12.40 Elina Rantanen, Chairlady of the City Council, City of Turku: The role of advanced technology expertise in Turku

    12.50 Markku Jalkanen, CEO, Faron Pharmaceuticals: From scientific discoveries to commercial innovations

    13.05 Marja Makarow, Director of Biocenter Finland: The landscape and coordination of bioscience infrastructures in Finland

    13.25 Merja Särkioja, Senior Science Advisor, Academy of Finland: How to foster research infrastructure development in Finland

    13.35 Kjetil Tasken, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of BioCity and Turku Bioscience, Univ. of Oslo: International technology centers as powerhouses of molecular biosciences

    13.50 Greetings from the Deans (Hänninen, Salakoski, Henelius)

    14.10 Coffee & Tea


    Scientific Fireworks! Thirty Years of Great Discoveries and Innovations at Turku Bioscience


    14.40 Mikael Skurnik: Nonpareils – the sugar coatings on bacteria

    14.50 Eleanor Coffey: Parkinson’s disease, from mechanisms to diagnostics

    15.00 Lea Sistonen: A new SUMO motif that governs transcriptional regulation in stress

    15.10 John Eriksson: When we learned that cells can walk through cells

    15.20 Jukka Westermarck: PP2A inhibition in human cell transformation

    15.30 Riitta Lahesmaa: New regulators of the immune system

    15.40 Päivi Koskinen: PIM kinases and their inhibitors as regulators of cancer cell motility

    15:50 Johanna Ivaska: The unknown side of adhesion – regulation of integrin inactivation

    16.00 Cecilia Sahlgren: A Warburg shakeup – balancing glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation for cancer cell survival

    16:10 Matej Orešič, Turku Bioscience: Persistent alterations in plasma lipid profiles reflect progression to celiac disease

    16:20 Michael J Courtney: Shining a light on hidden signalling processes

    16:30 Grand finale!

    16.45 Wine & Cheese

    19:00 End of the day